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Get The Right Bits for The Job

Stock up on the essentials in your workshop with our own manufactured product and other tools. Made with steel and carbide at Chisholms Saw & Supply, Inc., our product gives you the quality needed to get the job done. We sell our tools and replacement parts to everyone from White Salmon, Washington, down into Oregon. From sharpening to manufacturing, we're here for you.

Manufactured Blades

Whenever you need a replacement tool or any other parts, we have you covered. Manufactured in White Salmon, Washington, our carbide circular saws, length planer blades, and band saw blades that are 1/8 of an inch wide are available for purchase. Our saw blades are made with steel and carbide, while our length planer blades are constructed from high-speed steel or carbide inlay to ensure you get a sturdy and reliable blade. All of our manufactured products and welds are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Extra Supplies

All of the products you need to continue and finish your projects are available from us. Bits, blades, and knives are ready for purchase from our store alongside our quality manufactured products. Included below is a list of the tools we offer our customers.

• Round Saws
• Whole Saws
• Multi-Tool Blades
• Router Bits
• Auger Bits
• Planer, Chipper, and Jointer Knives
• Sanding Belts
• Flat Disk Sandpaper Pads
• Lubricants

The machine lubricants we sell include band saw misters that help keep the saw from getting gummed up with pitch. While keeping your saws clean, it also prevents overheating and allows you to work for longer periods at a time.